Welcome to Harvest Moon Catering

Our philosophy is simple: we love parties, and we’re passionate about food. From the beginning our goal has been to share our enthusiasm with clients and guests. To us, the best events are not just customized and personal; they’re also collaborative. We marshal all of our resources—great food, professional staff, excellent rentals—and work with you from start to finish to make thoughtful, informed choices about your event. In the end, no detail is too small to merit our attention, and we gain the greatest satisfaction when events are a genuine reflection of the client’s hopes and values.

We’re lucky to be based in Charlottesville. It’s been a great place to build our business, and we work hard to nurture the reputation we’ve established in our town. Over the years we’ve developed great relationships with local suppliers, and these are key to our ability to create great food. At the same time, we recognize in a greater sense our role in the community, and to that end we are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of environmental stewardship. We compost food and disposables, we send out waste vegetable oil so it can be turned into biodiesel, and we recycle wine corks so they can eventually become carpet. All of these efforts, and many more like them, are how we invest in the future of our business and contribute to the overall health of the Charlottesville community.