Food Philosophy

Harvest Moon’s food philosophy and cuisine finds its perfect fit in the Charlottesville region, described by Forbes magazine as the “locavore capital of the world.”

Committed to using local ingredients whenever possible, Harvest Moon goes the extra mile, preferring to make things from scratch and to mentor and develop the culinary skills of our staff accordingly. We understand that the quality of our food will be defined by both the products we use and by the people we train to transform those ingredients.

Developing strong relationships is at the heart of what we do, whether they’re between farmer, forager, and cheese monger, or in our newfound partnerships with clients. We aim to contribute the highest level of talent, experience, and attention to your event.

Executive Chef Bryan Kelly

At its most essential level, Executive Chef Bryan Kelly’s passion for cooking is about creating the centerpiece around which we celebrate significant moments in life.  It’s about good stewardship, leading a team, and all the while aiming to develop delicious and memorable food.


Kelly has a deep love and devotion for classical cooking, having trained under a certified master chef.  His classical orientation insures a learning environment at Harvest Moon that is centered on respect for quality ingredients. Kelly delights in deconstructing traditional dishes, and creating new flavor experiences.  He uses his relationships with local purveyors to offer you the most seasonal options. Kelly believes the true meaning of success lies in the power of food to bring a recollection of a previous memory, and if he can do that for someone, he has done his job well.  Notable in a culture of celebrity chefs, Bryan Kelly’s aim for excellence seeks to bring everyone along with him.

A Selection Of Our Menus

Below is a selection of our seasonal menus. This is not an exclusive list as we are constantly adding and subtracting items based on availability and quality of local products and purveyors. Please contact our team by phone at 434.296.9091, or by email at, to place an order or to design a menu that meets the specific needs of your event.